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Holmes’ spectacular rise and rapid demise have been the subject of books, films and television series, framing Holmes’ story as a lesson in the excesses of the tech industry that blindly follows its charismatic founder. .

At one point, Theranos’ board of directors included former U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, as well as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the late George Schultz.

Holmes will appear before the same judge who presided over her long trial Friday in a US court in the Silicon Valley city of San Jose, Calif.

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Lawyers for the 38-year-old Holmes asked for leniency, presenting her as a devoted friend who cared for her young child and had a second child.

This is backed up by 140 letters of support filed in court, including from her family, friends, and US Senators.

“On the contrary, I am confident that Elizabeth, with her talent and boundless passion to change the world for the better, will do amazing things for society,” one letter said.

This contrasted with her description at the trial, which portrayed her as an ambitious con artist who harasses workers.

Holmes’ aunt, an early investor in Theranos, wrote in a letter asking the court to give her a hard sentence, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Experts believe that given the scale of the fraud and the attention the case received, Holmes will almost certainly receive a prison sentence.

Her defense can ask her to remain on bail until she appeals.

Former prosecutor Stephen Clarke told the San Jose Mercury News, “I’m guessing the government will fight to get her to start her sentence from day one. They don’t want her to go to jail. I hope,’ he said.

“It will be a difficult decision for the court. She will have another child.” Elizabeth Holmes found guilty in Theranos fraud trial

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