Edward Chen becomes Piaget’s brand new friend

Taiwanese actor Edward Chen has made a name for himself in his role in the 2017 drama series. Red balloon And 2020 feature films Your name engraved in your heart.. And don’t start with his killer looks, distinctive features, a cheerful smile, and his charming charm. No wonder he has a huge international fan base.

So what’s in the next generation of stars? Piaget, a media fanatic, has announced that it has appointed a sparkling star as a brand new friend.

Edward Chen is a natural star wearing his true color like a badge. His easy-going attitude permeates like the brilliance of the warm sun, reflecting the positive spirit at the heart of Piaget.

“It always pleases me, knowing that I can spread smiles and happiness. It’s my recognition of professionalism for me. My mission from now on is the bright side of life as a member of the Piaget Society. I’ll probably smile more because I’m sharing! “

– Edward Chen

In the latest campaign, Edward Chen can be seen wearing the new ultra-thin Piaget Polo Skeleton on his wrist. He was enthusiastic about how overwhelmed at first glance this sleek, whispering, light sports watch, given that he himself is such a sports enthusiast.

Apart from the exciting announcement, here he also shared his thoughts on his recent appointment, what he wants from a watch, and his favorite work from the range.

Edward Chen becomes Piaget’s brand new friend

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