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Antakya – A magnitude 6.3 earthquake with a depth of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) struck the border region of Turkey and Syria on Monday, the European Mediterranean Seismology Center (EMSC) said.

Two Reuters witnesses reported strong earthquakes and further damage to buildings in central Antakya. We were hit by two big earthquakes two weeks ago. It has killed tens of thousands of people and destroyed buildings and infrastructure.

Other witnesses said Turkish rescuers were running around making sure people were unharmed after the recent earthquake.

Resident Muna Al Omar said he was in a tent in a park in central Antakya when the quake struck.

“I thought the earth was going to split under my feet,” she said, crying as she held her 7-year-old son in her arms.

“Will there be another aftershock?” she asked.Reuters Earthquake recording 6.3 hits Turkey-Syria border region: EMSC

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