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SINGAPORE: The premature release of online exam questions at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on 7 November was due to human error by an administrative staff member, Education Minister Gan Sho Huang said on Monday (11 28th).

The individual failed to password protect the electronic version of the test paper for students taking the test online, she said in response to a parliamentary question on the matter.

“As a result, students were inadvertently given access to questions before the test started,” she added.

NTU is conducting an internal investigation into the leakage of test forms and is reviewing protocols and staff training to prevent similar incidents from happening again, she said.

The university has taken corrective action to ensure a fair evaluation process for all students by reducing the topics that can be tested and retesting, she added.

218 students had to Retake the final test of the module.

The final exam for the HP2200 (Biopsychology) course will be held at 9:30 am on November 7, and most students will take the exam in the lecture room, said Chia Wai, Associate Professor (Academics) in NTU’s Department of Sociology. Associate Professor Mun said. Science.

Students infected with COVID-19 took an online version of the test administered by the department’s office, she said. Everyone took the same sheet and started at the same time.

However, NTU later learned that the test paper had been found on the student learning platform before the test began and apologized to the students who had to retake the test for fairness, Chea said.

Higher education institutions have protocols in place to prevent unauthorized access or premature release of exam papers, Gan said.

“These include password-protecting digital copies of exam papers and revealing passwords to students only shortly before the scheduled exam time; hosting electronic assessments on an internal platform with controlled access; This includes keeping printed copies in a restricted and secure location,” she added. .

The state minister said there had been five isolated incidents of pre-examination leaks in the past three years, with more serious cases affecting a “minority” of undergraduates.

The institute acknowledges that it puts additional stress on students who need to retake the exam, she added.

“Students will be given ample time to prepare for their retakes. Additionally, instructors and mentors will be available to support affected students.

“Students who need more help can also consult a para-counselor, or a professional counselor at an IHL (higher education institution).” Early release of NTU test paper due to human error, password protection failure of online version: MOE

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