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NEW YORK – Backed up by E. Gene Carroll’s friend on Tuesday A writer’s account of being raped by Donald Trump, During the civil trial, she testified that she received a call about the alleged attack.

Author Lisa Birnbach told a Manhattan federal court jury that one evening in the spring of 1996, Ms. Carroll called and Mr. Trump assaulted her in the locker room of the lingerie section of New York’s Bergdorf Goodman department store. He said he remembered it “clearly”. New York City.

The rape allegations were addressed in Carroll’s 2019 memoir What Do We Need Men For? modest proposal. Under cross-examination Monday, she denied fabricating her allegations of furthering the promotion of her memoir.

Carroll’s civil lawsuit for assault and defamation comes after Trump raped her in an article he posted on his Truth Social platform in October 2022, calling the former Elle magazine advice columnist’s case a “complete fraud.” and allegedly damaged her reputation by claiming to be “a hoax and a hoax”. lie. “

Trump, a Republican who is aiming to regain the US presidency in 2024, denied the allegations and said he never met Carroll.

Birnbach, author of many books, including The Official Preppy Handbook, said Carroll told her Trump threw her against a wall, pulled her tights down and “penetrated her with his penis.” Told.

I whispered, E. Jean, he raped you. He should go to the police,” Birnbach testified.

On Monday, Carroll ended her third day on the witness stand, speaking out about the alleged assault and responding to rigorous cross-examination by Trump’s lawyers.

Carroll told jurors last week that Trump put a finger into her vagina and said she was “very painful” before inserting his penis.

Birnbach testified that after Carroll was suspected of rape, she refused to go to the police and asked him not to tell anyone about the incident.

“Instead of struggling, she puts on lipstick, dusts off, and moves on,” Birnbach said, explaining why her friend had kept quiet about the alleged assault for decades.

Trump’s attorney, W. Perry Blunt, cited podcast appearances and social media posts to investigate Mr. Burnback’s allegiance to the Democratic Party and his outright disdain for Mr. described him as a “madman”, a “narcissistic sociopath” and a “Russian agent”. “

When asked by one of Carroll’s lawyers, Birnbach said he would “never in a million years” lie to hurt Trump politically. E. Gene Carroll called minutes after Trump allegedly raped her, friend testifies

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