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AMSTERDAM – Crown Princess Katarina Amalia of the Netherlands is under heavy security over fears she may become a target for criminals.

The ANP quoted Queen Maxima as saying during an official visit to Sweden with her husband, King Willem-Alexander, that “she can hardly leave the house”.

The heir to the Dutch throne, 18-year-old Amalia, began her studies at the University of Amsterdam last month and moved into an apartment in Amsterdam, but concerns for her safety have discouraged her from returning to the Huis Ten Bosch Royal Palace. said to have been forced in The Hague.

Last month, several Dutch media reported that the princess, whose official title is Princess of Orange, was under heavy security over fears that criminal gangs would target her for kidnapping or attack. reported.

Dutch police and national intelligence services have refused to discuss security measures around the royal residence.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Thursday night he could not specify the details of the threat.

Princess Amalia completed a degree in political economy last month and lived in a rented house she shared with several other students in Amsterdam before returning home.

“For her, this is terrible news in the first place,” Rutte told reporters.

“Everyone involved is doing everything possible to ensure her safety.”

“The results are very difficult for her,” ANP quoted Maxima.

‘No student life like her’ Reuters Dutch crown princess under heavy security over gang fears

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