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Singapore: Another summer fashion trend is gaining popularity among Singaporean celebrities. The popularity of Y2K clothing was followed by what is now called “dopamine dressing”, a combination of fashion and psychology.

Dopamine dressing adds bright and fun colors to the whole outfit to stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, giving the individual a positive and happy feeling. This new fashion trend is much like his Y2K vibe, but with more colors and a more relaxed look: cute, energetic and happy.

Here’s how to pick a “dopamine outfit”.

Choose bright colors to match other clothing items

Usually people like to style white and black clothes. Dopamine dressing allows you to add bright colors to your overall fit to instantly brighten up your look without looking embarrassing.

Match the top and bottom with the same bright color

It’s safe to wear bright colors that are the same color on the top and bottom. Even though the top and bottom have different textures and materials, the overall look is compact and very comfortable. It is sure to give you a more youthful and energetic atmosphere.

Please select one solid color

For a simple fit, you can always opt for a brightly colored dress. This makes it easier for people to fit in a ‘dopamine’ look without having a hard time getting dressed and matched.

Challenge yourself by wearing contrasting bold colors

Use the color wheel as a guide to match colors for your outfit. Psychologists say that matching adjacent colors on the color wheel makes people happier.

They may also utilize the color of accessories such as bags and shoes to have a “dopamine” effect on the overall fit.

It’s a fashion trend you should definitely try this summer.

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