“Do you think Singapore is only for those who have a smooth life?” — ​​Netizen


On Monday (10th April) u/qbrkrbtk asked on r/SingaporeRaw: Do you think Singapore is only for those with a smooth life?

She explained that she grew up in a middle-class home in a three-room flat, but her father was a chronic gambler and lost his salary every month to gambling.

Additionally, her “traditional” mother refused to divorce him.

Every month on the eve of payday, he comes home at 5 a.m. and bets all of his paycheck at the Chinatown gambling den. When he lost, he came back and beat his mother until she bled from her head and spat on her mother.her mother supported her family on a salary of 2.5k,” she added.

Due to her father’s salary, the family was ineligible for financial assistance.

And she wrote that while she did fairly well at O-levels, she “didn’t have a good emotional sense for managing the chaos at home.”

Adding to their difficult situation, her father lost his job and committed suicide when she was 22.

She closed the post by writing: Singapore is a place for those who are lucky enough to have a smooth life. “

One netizen commenting on her post agreed, “SG is definitely a middle/middle class ppl place at least” but did “awesome” with “the cards she was dealt” I praised you for that.

Another said, “Singapore is a filthy rich man’s playground. But I believe that education and a somewhat meritocratic system allow relatively easy socio-economic transition from lower to middle class.” I believe.”

However, at least one Reddit user disagreed with the poster, writing:

Another urged her to look on the bright side.


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