Disney + Hotstar will be available in Malaysia on June 1st

Disney + Hotstar will be available in Malaysia on June 1st

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The Walt Disney Company has finally announced the release date of Disney +, a streaming service in Malaysia: June 1, 2021. A streaming service entitled Disney + Hotstar in the region costs RM54.90 with a 3-month subscription.

Like everywhere else, Disney + Hotstar features a vast slate of original films and television shows such as The Mandalorian, The Falcon & Winter Soldier, and Mighty Dax. In addition to all original content, subscribers can also view a powerful catalog of movies and television shows such as Nomadland, The Walking Dead, Jojo Rabbit, Criminal Minds, Fresh Off The Boat, Simpsons, and Grey’s Anatomy.

There are a total of 18,000 episodes and 800 movies that can be streamed from a wide range of Disney brands (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic).

However, this is an interesting place for Malaysians. Disney + Hotstar has signed a series of multi-year contracts with several Malaysian studios to exclusively contain some of the content. This means that a couple of expected Malaysian blockbusters, like the action flick J2: J Retribusi and the horror movie Zombitopia, will skip theatrical release altogether and go directly to Disney +. After the theatrical debut, Ejen Ali The Movie 2 will also be streamed exclusively on Disney +.

The streaming service also includes a lot of local content, from the popular animated series Upin & Ipin to the golden-time drama Single Tellal Rama. The singles Terlalu Lama and Kekasih Hati Mr. Bodyguard will premiere at 7am on the same day as the linear television broadcast, which will only take place on Disney + Hotstar. According to the release, other local series will hit Disney + “faster than anywhere else” for up to 15 hours. Of course, you can stream local movies such as J Revolusi, KL Gangster, and Roh, as well as TV shows such as Ejen Ali, Club Mickey Mouse, Wizards of Warna Walk, and Ejen Ali. The content lineup also includes a number of Chinese, Tamil and Hindi movies and TV shows.

It’s cool, but how does it work?

At launch, you will be able to stream Disney + Hotstar through a wide selection of TV devices connected to compatible mobile devices. Each registered account can support two simultaneous streams, and most of the content can be downloaded to mobile and tablet platforms. Obviously, this content is all non-commercial and comes with its own kids section, just like Netflix. You can subscribe via the Disney + Hotstar website, the Disney + Hotstar app on Android and iOS devices, or a special Astro package.

The cost of the subscription is RM54.90 for 3 months.

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Disney + Hotstar will be available in Malaysia on June 1st

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