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Food prices in Singapore have generally risen in recent months due to inflation and Malaysia’s ban on poultry exports.

However, one man felt he had enough after paying $26 for a bowl of mapo pot.

Chen Weijian, 36, purchased a meal at the Food Republic food court at City Square Mall, Shin Min Daily News reported.

He ordered just seven ingredients: luncheon meat, kamaboko, shrimp, sausage, cauliflower, spinach and instant noodles.

By comparison, similar hot pot and noodles cost just over $10 at Jurong East and Boon Lay Hawker Center coffee shops.

Upset, he confronted the stall employee. An employee was quoted as saying, “Mala nabe is usually this expensive.”

Huang, an employee at the stall, said the stall has been operating at City Square Mall for a year and this is the first time a customer has complained about the price.

Huang added that the cost of food is rising as transportation costs for some imported ingredients are also rising. Diners ‘feel distressed’ when paying $26 for mala hotpot noodles at food court, latest Singapore news

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