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Deliveroo Singapore, a Singaporean food delivery service that partners with the best restaurants in the industry to bring food to people’s doorsteps, recently launched a new in-app feature that allows customers to donate to Food from the Heart (FFTH). charity.

Customers are now given the option to round up their bills and donate to FFTH when checking out their food order. All proceeds go to her FFTH community shop, a charity initiative that helps poor families.

Aside from bill rounding up, customers can still make monetary donations. Delivers full life menu page.

A total of $90,000 is our goal within 6 months. These donations benefit her over 2,200 families and individuals in need of food security assistance.

In addition, this initiative is Deliveroo’s full life A community-focused campaign that supports the communities that Deliveroo operates through its network of drivers, restaurants and grocery stores.

One of Deliveroo’s sustainability missions is ‘Zero Hunger’. As a socially responsible company, we are always looking for ways our company and our customers can help those in need. Our new in-app Roundup donation feature allows customers to easily lend a hand to help families hit hard by rising prices on basic groceries. ” Jason Parke, General Manager of Deliveroo Singapore, said:

Additionally, the Food from the Heart community shop has a free-to-shop mini-mart concept, giving beneficiaries access to 12 types of food each month when they need it most.

Food selection varies with local produce. canned food, Staple foods such as bread spreads and rice, noodles, oil and seasonings.Reliable with little food loss Because the beneficiary is likely to need food.

FFTH currently has four community shops in Mountbatten, Lenkok Baru, Boon Lay and Punggol.

“I look forward to going to the community shop every week where they have a wide variety of nutritious ingredients such as brown rice and fresh milk. Mountbatten FFTH Community Shop beneficiary Yeo said:

This announcement is timely and relevant to World Food Day on 16 October 2022. It promotes awareness and action among people suffering from food insecurity due to increased living demands.

“We are delighted to be working with Deliveroo again to encourage Singaporeans to give back to their communities. Despite Singapore’s reputation as a food paradise, food insecurity remains a real problem in our country. This is truly a modern form of giving.Thanks to all Singaporeans who have chosen to round up their bills and donate to FFTH.Every little thing goes a long way and every cent counts. ” FFTH CEO Robin C. Lee said:

Deliveroo and FFTH have been working together since 2020 with a focus on combating food insecurity among families and children. Their previous collaborations include:

1) Opportunities for Deliveroo customers to provide local, fresh produce to underprivileged populations;

2) Deliveroo donated $10,000 to FFTH Project Beranger! programs that support hawker culture,

3) Deliveroo Singapore has delivered essential food packs to over 100 underprivileged families under FFTH.

4) Clean Plate campaign where customers participate in social media challenges and fight for zero food waste.

“Past collaborations with FFTH have been successful… We are honored to work with them again and look forward to our customers’ continued support to raise $90,000 in six months to make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. ” Jason Park said.

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– Advertising ​​- Deliveroo Singapore’s in-app donation feature aims to raise $90,000 to support ‘Food from the Heart’s Community Shops’ –

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