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Apple Inc’s new iPhone 14-based model looks similar to its predecessor, but has a redesigned interior that makes repairing a cracked back glass much easier, repair company iFixit said in a blog on Monday. Said in the post.

Glass backs returned to iPhones in 2017, but were difficult to replace due to the mounting method. Apple charged up to $599 for rear glass repairs on some models, much less for customers of his AppleCare+, Apple’s device insurance program.

IFixit, which evaluates the repairability of consumer electronics, announced Monday that Apple has made major changes to the base model of the iPhone 14. In previous iPhones, the back glass was glued to the phone’s frame and embedded under other components, requiring almost complete disassembly of the device to repair.

On the iPhone 14, the back glass is secured with only two screws per connector, so it can be easily removed.

Apple didn’t mention an internal redesign when it announced the iPhone 14 earlier this month. Did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kyle Wiens, chief executive of iFixit, told Reuters that “everyone was living with a phone with tape on the back” given previous repair costs. “This allows people to try repairs. It also creates an opportunity for local repair shops.”

The expensive iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max still have old-style glued-glass backs. Apple phones have long been the target of repair industry critics who argue that consumers are more likely to ditch their phones and buy new devices because they are so difficult to repair.

Apple has slowly embraced the repair industry in recent years as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability. In 2019, Apple began selling tools, parts, and manuals to independent repair shops. Last year, Apple began offering these items to the public. Cracked iPhone back glass?Some newer models are much easier to modify, a sure find

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