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Following the big announcement, UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler appeared alongside Ariel Helwani at MMA Hour on Sunday to discuss his future with the organization. The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter sees Michael Chandler as coach against Conor his McGregor.

Chandler made big predictions about McGregor like “Mystic Mike” when he joined the booking. 2nd round victory. From the first bell, the former Bellator champion intends to wear down his opponent under pressure to establish the door to his shot at the end of the fight in the second round.

Chandler recently told ESPN MMA: That’s my take on “Mystic Mike”, and it’s always been that way later this year.

All it took for Conor McGregor to respond to Chandler’s remark was a smiling emoticon. “I always think of a big overhand right hook or left hook. I’ve seen him knock men down a million times inside.”

Michael Chandler believes Conor McGregor stays within certain limits when using derogatory language.

Without a doubt, Conor McGregor is one of the most accomplished name-callers in martial arts record. Dubliner, as we saw with Jose Aldo, succeeds in using his talent as an orator to mentally wear down his opponents.

But when “The Notorious” loses, like in his battles with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier, his provocative remarks often cross the line and lose much of their appeal. The former UFC double his champion has said offensive things about Poirier’s wife and family.

The welterweight division, which runs Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler, offers both competitors plenty of flexibility to make changes without jeopardizing their weight loss.The Ultimate Fighter’s first season begins in May and continues through the rest of the summer.

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