Compassionate Conversation: Singapore’s up-and-coming design talent talks about ethical commerce, waste and more

Celebrate everything #Compassion, Buro as part of June’s ongoing feature article. Singapore presents an exclusive thinking starter series featuring four of Asia’s top up-and-coming talents, carefully selected from The Bridge Fashion Incubator, a mentorship program for up-and-coming designers based in Singapore.

Within 600 words, each entrepreneur answers the following important questions:

“What does” compassionate commerce “mean to you and what is its future in Asia? “

This week, Herve Kozikila shares his thoughts on redefining the concept of sustainability in fashion and adopting “zero waste” to truly unleash business transactions that serve both the environment and the wallet.

Today, the world is in a delicate time. We have become greedy consumers of what the Earth has generously given, and even with all the technology and know-how, somehow we still make completely “conscious” choices. Is not … I know there is no planet B, but is there a plan B? I often ask myself, can we consume and still have compassion for the earth?

The word “sustainability” seems to many to be a relatively modern concept, but looking at how many communities in Asia and around the world have lived their lives throughout history, Pay close attention to what our ancestors have taught us, the next basic belief:’It’s not in vain; I still don’t want to sound the truth too much. Conservation, when truly adopted, becomes part of our values, heritage, and our way of life.

Asia is a great example of conservation. As a Frenchman now based in Singapore, I am fascinated by how Asians in the region can preserve their culture in a country-specific way. They may do so by associating spiritualism with everything that gives life, such as forests, rivers, animals, mountains, crops, the earth, and even fire. An expression of spiritualism through their craftsmanship, the pottery they use, the jewelery they wear, the fine embroidery they make on their clothes, the way they build and decorate their homes, and almost every aspect of their lives. You can see.

It’s exciting. If we can improve these ways of life and realize lifestyles, we will be able to increase the value of consumers by supporting the local community and taking responsibility for the earth on which we live. Asia has given me more than I was looking for. .. It’s changing at an alarming rate, and people are at the root of its vibrancy. Backed by those values, I think Asia is a prime example of global conservation.

I grew up in Paris and spent my childhood helping low-income people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by sending clothes and other necessities. Zero waste was a value that my parents taught me. I knew I needed to build a business based on this core value. That’s why we moved to Asia in 2012 and founded Feedelon in 2017. It’s a sustainable brand e-commerce start-up aimed at giving back to the community, being earth-friendly and empowering people. We realized that this was possible by providing our customers with a “digital passport” that could confirm the true source of the purchase and confirm their choice.

For me, Feederon is a link of Asian values ‚Äč‚Äčthat I have come to appreciate very much for those who believe in living a sustainable lifestyle. We source products from local artisans, support their heritage and support Fair Trade to help the local community. My hope is Alibaba or Amazon for a sustainable lifestyle and I believe it is possible against the backdrop of the Asian market.

You may want to give in to the news we provide on a regular basis. Unless one day we give up on our current lifestyle, we will pay the price of what we are doing for the environment in an irreparable way. We don’t have to do that. We believe that by procuring products consciously and responsibly, we can achieve both a sustainable lifestyle and conservation. The world is precious and we have choices. We have to make the right one.

About Herve Kozikila

Herve Kozikila is now a cohort of The Bridge Fashion Incubator, deepening her expertise in how to grow her business in Asia. He was born in Paris and grew up in a multicultural environment that originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. A former basketball player, he developed his love for fashion and technology while working for well-known companies in Paris, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. With a strong belief in supporting the community and ethical brands, Herve founded Feedelon in September 2017. By supporting his determination for “zero waste” and the local community, people have changed the way they shop and choose by creating a fully sustainable brand. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can access it.

Compassionate Conversation: Singapore’s up-and-coming design talent talks about ethical commerce, waste and more

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