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data is the key

Even after the talent and support are in place, playability remains the key to a game’s success, and Singapore has produced some irresistible games. For example, Garena’s Free Fire was her over one billion downloads worldwide and was her highest-grossing mobile game in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Data is a key factor in the success of such an engaging game. Local studios can take inspiration from other game makers in Asia, such as SEGA, a Japanese pioneer in analyzing user data to attract players.

To prevent sections of the game from being too difficult to complete and quickly draining a gamer’s patience, developers often change gameplay so that players don’t give up and move on to another game. can. This flexibility is critical to the success of games, helping game makers evolve content that keeps players glued to the screen in an era of declining attention spans.

Home to triple-A studios and millions of gamers, Singapore has both the technology and data to develop a thriving gaming industry. Let the game begin!

Chong Yang Chan is Managing Director for ASEAN and Greater China at Qlik, a data integration and analytics company. Commentary: Singapore has made a name for itself in esports, but can video game development do the same?

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