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Singapore: from the moment the Indonesian Democratic Party for the Struggle (PDI-P) nominated Joko Widodo In 2013, as a presidential candidate for the 2014 presidential election, in 2018 as a presidential candidate again for the 2019 presidential election, Chairman Megawati Sukarnoputri Mr. Widodo emphasized that he would act as a “Petugas Partai” (the party’s mission performer).

But at this point in 2023, it has become more clear that the two-term President Widodo is not, and probably never was, a “PDI-P mandate.”

From early on, there was speculation that Mr. Widodo wanted to set up his own party based on the organization of the Lerawang (“volunteers”). While this is not the case, it is clear that Mr. Widodo sees himself as a separate political entity, seeking to establish a platform for his continued influence as his presidency comes to an end.

this is reinforced by his words an attempt to establish a political dynasty, was featured on the cover and top story of TEMPO magazine last week. During President Widodo’s term, both his eldest son (Surakarta Mayor Jibran Rakabuming Raka) and his son-in-law (Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution) won the post of mayor.

Different Wavelengths of Jokowi and Megawati

Widodo needs his own political organization. Now he seems to be playing a mind game with Megawati Sukarnoputri over who will be the most influential person in PDI-P in the future.

These tensions were further heightened after Widodo appeared to be locked in for a press conference on April 21, 2023 announced by Megawati. PDI-P Appoints Ganjar Pranowo. At the event, Megawati and Ganjar reiterated that they will continue to be “Petugas Partai” even as president. Commentary: Jokowi plotting against Megawati to secure Indonesia’s political future

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