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But this is where small steps can be stacked. Singapore has a wealth of innovation in the blue economy space. For example, the National University of Singapore has invested research into Carbon Integrity SG and the Carbon Prospecting Dashboard open access platform by ST Engineering to estimate the yield and return on investment of carbon credits.

The work of the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute, an NTU research partner in the Ocean Purpose Project, is laying the groundwork for Singapore to become a regional ocean plastic-to-hydrogen hub. Singapore itself Pursuing hydrogen as part of decarbonization efforts To achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

in the same tradition Successful securing of water supply with Singaporean technologyWe also see hundreds of innovations in alternative proteins, seaweed aquaculture, solar energy and electric vehicles.

It is important for Singapore to move forward with confidence and position itself as a call to the world for real ideas. this is,”highway to climate hellbut show how a small country with diverse people can break through its weight.

Matilda DiSilva is the CEO and founder of the Ocean Purpose Project. Commentary: From Beach Cleanup in Pasir Ris to Speaking at the COP27 Climate Summit

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