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Are you out of sight or are you unaware?

In the new wave of infected people, some Companies took additional precautions For example, encouraging employees to work from home. However, some employees still believe that they must go to work even if they are not feeling well.

What causes this pressure when you’re not feeling well? Are such employees afraid of losing their jobs or customers? Is it a sign of a toxic work culture that values ‚Äč‚Äčattendance over health and well-being?

There are multiple reasons. Some workplaces have a culture of presenteeism where employees are expected to work like robots, never take breaks, and put work above all else. Employees who comply may receive a pat on the back, a gold star or a cookie, but those who do not may receive a severe reprimand, a dirty look, or a pink may be given a slip of

One of the reasons is the high workload and deadlines. In some workplaces, there is too much work for employees to afford for sick leave. For example, some employees may feel like they are on a treadmill that never stops juggling multiple projects, tasks, and clients. You may also feel like you are playing a game of Tetris that gets faster and harder.

Sometimes the pressure comes from within. Some employees feel pressure to go to work when they are sick. Like Michael Jordan, who won a game while playing basketball with the flu, you may have a strong work ethic and sense of duty to do your best and impress others. Or maybe you simply love your job and can’t miss a single day of it. Commentary: Employees must resist pressure to come to work when they are unwell

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