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This is more than just a numbers game. Naval powers in these regions are also adopting larger, quieter boats with better long-range attack capabilities.

And in late 2021, much attention will be focused on Australia’s plans for nuclear attack submarines under the AUKUS agreements with the UK and US.

Admiration for submarines in Southeast Asia

Countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam have already submarine programIn recent years, new submarine aspirants have emerged in Southeast Asia.

The Philippines and Thailand have long had plans for submarines, so it’s no surprise. Philippine plans have fallen victim to economic hardships. It has been pushed to the back of the line as the priority is to acquire more land assets such as corvettes and offshore patrol vessels to bolster its capabilities. Presence in the South China Sea.

Thailand’s program has also stalled over engine disagreements with Chinese shipyards. A decision on whether to accept Chinese engines instead of the originally planned German diesel engines has been postponed until June.

This is a program that has long been plagued by domestic political intrigue, particularly allegations of contract irregularities and previous COVID-19 economic pressures that have forced the Navy to cut its submarine procurement budget. It will be added. Commentary: Asia-Pacific’s desire for submarines makes the region’s waters more congested and more dangerous.

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