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Pet ownership has increased in Singapore during the COVID-19 pandemic as residents turned to their human best friends for comfort and companionship. Between 2019 and the first half of 2022, the number of dogs licensed by the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) increased by 20%, from 70,000 to 84,000.

Along with this, the price of purebred puppies has skyrocketed, with some ads promoting puppies for up to S$20,000.

Unfortunately, as owners moved back into the office and back to life after the pandemic, pet ownership exploded and more animals were abandoned. AVS investigated Last year, there were 310 pet abandonment cases.up from 225 in 2021, 251 in 2020 and 230 in 2019.

Statistics on dog abandonment are not readily available, but this is an issue that not only raises animal welfare concerns but also has potential public health and safety implications. Through no fault of their own, abandoned dogs can become ill due to the harsh conditions of life on the streets, or become aggressive from fear and hunger.

Why do people buy instead of adopt?

The most common reason aspiring pet owners buy rather than adopt is because they want a puppy, and they want it now. They want a quick deal and don’t want to go through the adoption process, which many claim is too long.

This is unfortunate as there are thousands of dogs in Singapore waiting to be adopted, including puppies. The main reason animal rights groups have people go through the adoption process is that the dog will be cared for for life and to determine if the dog is a good fit for the adoptive family. Commentary: As pet ownership increases, consider what this means for animals

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