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Studies have shown that when students feel a sense of belonging in the classroom, their self-esteem and motivation increase, academic ability.

A meta-analysis published in 2000 showed that students who felt accepted and valued performed better in school and were more likely to demonstrate positive outcomes in terms of motivation, social sentiment, and behavior. It has been. The researchers also noted the prominent role of belonging in the school setting.

This may be why #StudyTube and #StudyTok were born. In these research versions, Mukbang – A combination of the Korean words for eating and broadcasting – Content creators such as Sugaresque and Fayefilms are asking what devices and apps are most convenient for taking notes, how to stay focused, how to achieve grades, etc. Provides study tips. your dream.

Such a trend may not come as a surprise, as most of us are social creatures and are motivated accordingly. Although there is no real-time connection to watch these videos, they are still somehow human, which I would say helps reduce the universal stress associated with reviewing exams.

For adolescents, a sense of belonging and a desire for acceptance can be even more important. Come weighted assessment season, my teenage daughter is seen studying (and of course chatting and laughing) online with a few classmates. She explained that it was difficult to stay motivated and focused when studying alone.

I’m glad she has a friendship group like this to rely on when she needs it, but I know that once she experiences an upscale tutoring center like this, there’s probably no going back. doing. Commentary: Are there learning centers that offer bubble tea and fun outings? Parents can learn something from them

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