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Among the vendors is Flash Coffee, a Singapore-based beverage brand. The company entered the Indonesian market in his 2020, just before the COVID-19 outbreak, and grew rapidly by using technology to offer easy online ordering and fast pick-up despite the pandemic. I was able to.

Calling itself a “technology-enabled” coffee chain, Flash Coffee places high priority on digital optimization and delivery services. Online sales account for 65% of his total transactions.

Flash Coffee’s head of marketing in Indonesia, Grace Surya, sees continued demand for food delivery as the coffee chain uses technology to monitor consumer behavior.

“This pandemic has been going on for about three years and we continue to monitor changes in market behavior, especially food delivery,” Surya said. They are actually increasing. So I think the behavior will remain.

Chicken franchise Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus, another distributor on the AirAsia Food platform, offers a traditional Indonesian staple of herb-marinated ‘crushed’ fried chicken, served with rice and sambal chilli. .

The company recognizes the importance of online distribution platforms and plans to launch its own distribution platform next year.

“If you have your own app, you can see what your customers are doing. Are they making repeat orders? And you can monitor this in real time. Which products sell the most and which sell the least. what do customers like and what kind of promotions will attract them?” said Maria Barnomo, Operations Director of Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus.

AirAsia Advantage

AirAsia Super App Indonesia is relatively new compared to more experienced tech apps such as Grab and GoTo and may need to resort to cash-burning strategies to attract partners and consumers, observers said. .

Indonesia’s Grab and GoTo have expanded beyond their initial premise of providing ride-hailing services. According to a Bloomberg article citing Momentum Works, they are also branching out into food delivery, with him holding 92% of the Indonesian food delivery market in 2021.

But AirAsia, which has a large presence in the region as a low-cost carrier, has the advantage of an existing customer base.

“AirAsia is very interesting because they already have a customer base. They just need to expand their application and introduce new features. It will be easier for them,” said Hel Studi, Executive Director of Indonesia’s ICT Institute.

Capital A has committed over US$40 million to its super app business and aims to secure another US$100 million by next year. Coffee, fried chicken, rides: AirAsia Super App Indonesia diversifies from flights

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