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SINGAPORE: Earth has been hit by a series of typhoons and hurricanes in recent weeks.

Since the end of August, Hurricanes Daniel, Earl, FionaWhen Hurricane Ian Currently down in Florida.

At the same time, countries along the Pacific were hit by typhoons hinnamnoor, Muifa When Nan Madol Previous get on landed.

But what’s the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane? How do they get their name? And could climate change put Singapore in the path of one of these weather events?

Here’s what you should know:

Typhoon or Hurricane – What’s the difference?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service, typhoons and hurricanes are the same thing: tropical cyclones.

“Tropical cyclones are commonly used by meteorologists to describe rotating organized cloud and thunderstorm systems that occur in tropical or subtropical waters and have closed low-lying circulation,” NOAA said on its website. terminology.

The only difference between them is where they occur.

“In the North Atlantic, Central North Pacific, and Eastern North Pacific, the term hurricane is used. The same type of disturbance in the western North Pacific is called a typhoon,” NOAA said.

“In the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, on the other hand, the generic term tropical cyclones is used regardless of the wind strength associated with the weather system.” CNA Explains: Typhoons and Hurricanes – What’s the Difference? How Are They Named?

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