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Drunk farmer Joe Chiat

Undoubtedly, Common Man Coffee Roasters was the basis for many delicious things, from a fresh cup of poached eggs to a fully cooked poached egg, but nothing beats its alter ego, Drunken Farmer. An eclectic funk that combines bio wine and grabs, the concept of sunset that takes over the daytime cafe. If you haven’t checked your Stanley Street address yet, the latest hotspot is at Joo Chiat (good news for thirsty Easties). From pulp fiction to Charlie Chaplin, apart from a projector that plays dim lights and a series of random clips, we may talk for a refreshing neighborhood infused with local charm. You can meet people by sitting by the open window between the cute shutters-look from the inside or the outside. Here at Drunken Farmer’s small and concise menu, you can easily taste it from fresh cheese, especially the sourdough pizzas that boast the fresh Stracciatella of chef Paul Albert made from locally grown milk. Best tasting on anchovies and pesto, sprinkled with tomatoes, topped with basil pistachio pesto and sprinkled with a fair amount of anchovies and balsamic vinegar. The slices are much larger than I remembered at Stanley’s outpost, where the two slices merge into one giant bite. New melting cheese additions include creamy ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pho cheese, which produces sharper cheese combinations such as blue cheese and ossau-irati like nuts. Combine any of these with Domaine Christian Binner’s Rose. An orange-skinned wine with a fragrant rosy opener, juicy grapefruit notes and a soothing spicy finish. We know that orange wine is often not the most trusted, but it turned out to be a personal favorite. There is also a spout for drunk farmers only — Chenin Blanc in Loire, France. Starting with a delicate crispy texture, it is molded into a rounded mouthfeel filled with refreshing fruity notes. Combine this special number with the bistro skewered black tiger prawns fried in a light batter. Sure, it’s a satisfying Berglab, but ask for a more smoked paprika aioli. It was definitely used up in the process of dismantling the stick. -JS

185 Joo Chiat Rd, Tel: 6877 4884
Business hours: 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm


Odette may not seem to be able to return as a frequent eater, but is lovingly named after Julien Royer’s third restaurant, Claudin (chef Julien’s mother). Would like to change that with accessible shared dishes that convey comfort and tradition to the table. This is a refreshing interpretation of a typical French facility, and Royer believes that French restaurants should be as they are today. Like the grabs offered by Claudine, these are French classics and personal recipes from Royer and his family. The extensive menu includes what the chef’s patrons themselves personally like to eat and what he cooks for friends and family. The snacks were a lot of fun. Crispy pig’s trotter crustilant (a richer filling with a gelatinous touch combined with a rabigota sauce made from mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs and other herbs) and hardening of charcoal-grilled sourdough sardines. Our favorite vegetable dish was smoky burnt green onions. It was melted softly by vacuum cooking and soaked in oil ravigote sauce. This is another acid spike to enhance the flavor profile of the dish. Other accompaniments to the sauce include tarragon, garlic, egg yolk, and caper. Claudine is a very graceful sister of something like Odette, but the food lineup shows off a naive side that Royer didn’t often see. French puff pastry stuffed with calf sweet bread, amigasatake, chicken mousse, mushrooms, cartilage and pearl onions, like a classic Vol-au-vent. It’s a random yet powerful combination, but it’s born from the philosophy of not wasting anything in the kitchen and the nostalgic memories of Royer’s mother cooking it on a special occasion. It is a durable dish that is well-balanced with a light pillow pastry and can be enjoyed even more deliciously with mushroom soup. A good example of how sophisticated things can still be comforting. John Dory, Clams, Mussels, Scallops, Carabinero, Fennel, Potato Claudin “Bouillabaisse” is rich in seafood. It’s a rich soup that fits nicely in the rest of the dish and is definitely meant to be shared with a party of five. -JS

Book 35C Harding Rd here.
Business Hours: (Tuesday-Sun) 11:45 am to 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm


Located in a cozy corner of Gardens by the Bay’s beautiful Flower Dome, Hortus offers a taste of the Mediterranean on a shared plate for you to enjoy with your loved ones. All dishes are made with the utmost care in fresh ingredients. It has a natural flavor and is fortified with fruity olive oil, bright herbs and abundant spices. It’s the best, simple and simple food. First, I prepared some freshly baked pita bread and some small plates of dip to stimulate my appetite. I had the classical Greek Taramasarta accompanied by Kurdit and Pane Carasau. There, a blend of smoked cod roe, garlic, almonds and olive oil brought out the sweetness of raw carrots and radishes, as well as a pleasant crunch. The warm, fluffy pita bread baked in-house complements the roasted eggplant blended with Muhammara, peppers, pomegranate, walnut dip, Baba ghanoush, tahini, spices and yogurt. Muhammara in particular had a fun fever hint for it. You can also enjoy frit mist with fried shrimp, squid, shirasu and aioli. To refresh your palette, we recommend the classic watermelon salad, with feta cheese, confit olives and basil taking the fruit to a new level. The fresh ingredients were shining when it came to seafood. Freman Tortaco was cooked on a wooden grill and paired with a punchy green harissa sauce. We enjoyed plenty of clams that were easily cooked with garlic, chili, olive oil, and raki. The taste of fresh sea was transmitted to the big and juicy clams. At the end of the meal, we recommend salted caramel tarts. Don’t just turn off the caramel mention. The caramel really had an amazing balance of saltiness and sweetness, with no overwhelming sweetness or gelato. It was also beautifully decorated with toasted pine nuts and powdered sugar. – NS

Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, # 01-09
Tel: 6702 0158
Business Hours: (Wednesday-Sunday) 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-9pm

Where we want to eat …


Lempapa, the concept of an all-day meal, gives an intimate glimpse of chef Damian DeSilva’s childhood. He shares multicultural home cooking that has been passed down from generation to generation. The menu includes more than 100 years old dishes such as sambal udan, baby ponte, debar chicken with roast pork and hacker fried pork. Chef Damian also includes old traditional recipes he spun on his own, such as Nonya fishcake, Sri Lankan chicken curry, and tomato chutney with string hopper. Chef Damian will also be performing “Singapore New Heritage Cuisine” for the first time. Bringing to the table a unique flavor profile designed to captivate and captivate the tastes of today’s youth, the Singapore New Heritage Cuisine is drawn from the soul of tradition, reinvented and resonated with elements of different ethnicities. Create a flavor profile to do. And you can choose the “Chef’s Menu” to take a step towards a truly immersive culinary adventure. Depending on the produce available year-round in the local sea and seasonal catches, you can enjoy a heritage feast in Lempapa’s private room for intimate family celebrations.

Lempapa will be open to the public on Saturday, December 4, 2021.

2 Paya Lebar Road, # 01-01 / 02/03, PLQ Park Place Residence
Tel: 9459 1603
Business hours: (Monday-Friday) 10:30 am-10: 30 pm (Saturday, Sunday, PH) 9:30 am-10: 30 pm


FOOL is a modern wine bar that advocates unpretentious and exploratory drinking with chef Rishi. Group Beverage Manager Vinodhan Veloo. Featuring an edgy and dynamic wine list, expect a global and eclectic mix of classic styles. Nova’s modern wines will also be included in the mix. As you browse the menu, read the thematic category pop culture reference excerpts to introduce and emphasize the story and passion behind all the bottles. You can also indulge in some of the most popular English labels such as 2015 Sugrue The Trouble with Dreams’Extra-Brut’ and 2015 Sugrue Cuvée Boz’Brut’ Chardonnay. And, of course, you can hardly drink on an empty stomach with FOOL, so to complement the first list of over 220 wines, choose a small plate of unique wine-friendly dishes such as Veal Sweetbread with grilled eggplant and chimichurri. At-Made Blue Corn Tacos, or if you’re an adventurous lover, Chicken River Eclair with Date and Madeira.

21 Boon Tat Street
Tel: 6221 1911
Business Hours: (Tuesday-Thursday) 4:00 pm-10 pm (Friday / Saturday) 12:00 pm-10 pm

Claudine, Drunken Farmer, Rempapa, etc. – Buro: Buro

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