Circles.Life’s new family plan is a contract-free data sharing plan for those who call their family.

Circles.Life’s new family plan is a contract-free data sharing plan for those who call their family.

6 SIM cards, for 6 mobile numbers across 6 lines 200GB of 4G data, 500 minutes Talk time, and 200 SMS, As small as Monthly S $ 15 per line..In a nutshell, that’s Circles.Life’s new mobile data sharing. Family planning About everything. But that’s not all.

Officially announced today (April 8, 2021), the new Circles.Life Family Plan is a new product and service offered by virtual carriers. According to MNVO, the family plan is a non-contracted plan with separate SIM cards and other “strings not connected” multiple lines. In addition to the non-contract components, Circles.Life allows and encourages users to share their family plans with others. The same is true for users who do not belong to the same family unit (see below for details).

Shared mobile plans aren’t new (M1 offers multi-service savers, Singtel offers Singtel Circle, StarHub offers additional phone line subsidies through rewards programs), but Big Three’s shared plans are all fiber. It contains additional components such as broadband and is turned on. Contract-based. These “strings” have not yet taken into account other restrictions that allow only relatives or family members within the same residential address to share a particular plan.

The closest to Circles.Life’s family plans are Vivifi Share and Vivifi data sharing plans called Vivifi Us. It has up to 50GB of data (before considering promotions) for up to 9 users (Vivifi charges S $ 4.28 per GB above the initial value) GB consumed).

Share with anyone or yourself

According to Circles.Life, the MNVO allows and encourages sharing of family plans with non-family members. This means that Family Plan users can share with relatives and loved ones in different households, friends in all disciplines, or even lonely and use multiple SIM cards on multiple devices. The eligibility requirements for all six lines of the CL Family Plan are minimal compared to most other shared plans.

The decision on Circles.Life’s shared plan requirements came from a survey of user behavior regarding the use of mobile data. The MNVO also found that existing shared plans have too many eligibility restrictions and requirements.

“At Circles.Life, returning power to our customers is central to our activities. Customers are not satisfied with the status quo of the phone company they are receiving and are equal to or better than apps and other services. We look forward to an experience. The digital services they use every day, ”says Rameez Ansar, co-founder of Circles.Life.

Breakdown of CL family plan

The Circles.Life Family Plan has a minimum of 2 lines in the plan and a maximum of 6 mobile lines. Regardless of the number of rows in, one plan provides the following allocations that are shared by all:

  • 200GB of 4G data
  • 500 minutes talk time
  • 200 SMS

To facilitate more sharing, Circles.Life will reduce monthly charges based on the total number of lines subscribed to the Family Plan.

  • Two mobile accounts: S $ 25 per line per month
  • 3 mobile accounts: S $ 20 per line per month
  • 4 mobile accounts: S $ 18 per line per month
  • 5 mobile accounts: S $ 16 per line per month
  • 6 mobile accounts: S $ 15 per line per month

In a sense, CL’s family plan From S $ 50 per monthGo up Monthly S $ 90, Depends on the number of mobile phones registered in the sharing plan. The amount comes before taking the add-on into account.

Family plan add-ons and features

The following add-ons are also available in Family Plans at launch.

  • Additional 80GB of 4G data with rollover, S $ 20
  • Unlimited talk time, S $ 10
  • data roaming
    • ROHM Boost A (S $ 5 for 1GB)
    • ROHM Boost B (S $ 8 for 2GB)
    • Roam Boost C (S $ 12 for 3GB)

An optional feature of CL’s family plan is parental control. At startup, the user or owner of the primary line can put in an additional S $ 5 / line for parental control of a particular line. Parental controls allow primary users to block data access to websites that are “inappropriate” for minors. In addition, a S $ 100 data roaming cap can be specifically applied to managed lines.

Future features of parental controls include data allocation. This allows the primary user of the family plan to get a shared pool of data and assign limits to all family plan members. As more users join the new plan with CL, more features and tweaks may be added to the family plan.

Circles.Life’s new family plan is a contract-free data sharing plan for those who call their family.

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