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Hundreds of Chinese coast guards and other ships have patrolled the waters, swarmed coral reefs, and harassed and attacked fishing boats and other vessels to support Beijing’s claims.

On Saturday, the Philippine Coast Guard identified more than 100 Chinese ships anchored at Whitsun Reef, which the Philippines claims is part of its exclusive economic zone. He ordered the ship to leave, but was ignored.

US Axis warns China

Since taking office last June, Marcos has insisted he will not allow China to trample on the Philippines’ maritime rights.

Marcos, meanwhile, is drawn to the United States, the Philippines’ traditional ally, and seeks to strengthen the two countries’ defense ties.

The change surprised China, which has accused Washington of driving a wedge between Beijing and Manila.

Manila in April 4 more military base locations The U.S. allows U.S. use in addition to the five agreements agreed in the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca).

The four additional bases include a site near the South China Sea and another site not far from the autonomous Taiwan, which Beijing claims to be its territory.

China has warned that extended Edka could endanger regional peace and accused Washington of having a “zero-sum mentality.”

The biggest war game in history between the Philippines and the US, which ends on Friday, has also sparked anger in Beijing.

On Wednesday, Marcos toured US and Philippine forces fire rockets at retired warships It is the first time allies have conducted such exercises and represents enemy vessels in the South China Sea.

The annual Balikatan exercises followed three days of Chinese military exercises simulating targeted attacks and blockades around Taiwan.

Marcos said Monday that he will meet with US President Joe Biden at the White House next week on the “need to soften the rhetoric” over the South China Sea, Taiwan and North Korea.

“The debate is heating up. Harsh words are being exchanged, which worries me,” Marcos told the Philippine broadcaster.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Coast Guard is trying to draw international attention to China’s activities in the South China Sea.

But with only three patrol boats patrolling the vast area, that is difficult, said Commodore Jay Taliera, spokesman for the Philippine Coast Guard in the West Philippine Sea.

On the high seas, Malabrigo’s captain, Lieutenant Colonel Julio Coralina, was defiant.

“The Philippines may be a small country, but our country has a Coast Guard with a big heart willing to serve the Filipino people and an overwhelming loyalty and courage to defend the Republic. ‘he said. AFP Chinese and Filipino ships nearly collide in ‘David and Goliath’

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