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BEIJING: Chinese authorities stepped up COVID-19 lockdowns and other containment measures to stop clusters from spreading.

China on Friday (11 November) reported 10,535 new domestically infected cases on 10 November. Shanghai was battling its most serious outbreak.

The nationwide surge, still small by world standards and for a country with a population of 1.4 billion, has inspired China’s supreme leader to Zero-tolerance strategy against virusesPresident Xi Jinping says the policy is to save the lives of the elderly, especially in China.

southern city GuangzhouChina, the current epicenter of the COVID-19 battle, reported 2,824 new local cases on November 10.

It was a case in the highly populated Haizhu district that caused the infection. The district on Friday declared a strict lockdown until Sunday after days of restrictions and expanding restrictions.

“All residents must stay at home,” the district government said in a statement. “She is the only person in each household who can buy daily necessities staggered.”

All public transportation in the district of 1.8 million people will also be suspended and mandatory PCR tests will be conducted for “every household and every individual,” the statement said.

China will not ease its COVID-19 measures but will continue to improve as the epidemic situation changes and the virus mutates, a government expert was quoted as saying by the national health authority on Friday. China’s COVID-19 controls step up as highest cases surge since Shanghai lockdown

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