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Taipei – Chinese fighter intrusions into Taiwan’s air defense areas nearly doubled in 2022. Rapid increase in sorties of fighters and bombers This is because Beijing is increasing the threat to the island’s democracy.

Relations have cooled for years under the most assertive Chinese leader of a generation, President Xi Jinping.

But in 2022, Xi’s forces stepped up the invasion, Launch the biggest war game in decades To protest the visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in August.

China sent 1,727 aircraft into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in 2022, according to the daily updated AFP database released by the Ministry of Defense in Taipei.

This compares to about 960 intrusions in 2021 and about 380 intrusions in 2020.

The number of fighter sorties doubled from 538 in 2021 to 1,241, and bomber attacks, including nuclear-armed H6s, increased from 60 to 101.

Last year also witnessed its first drone incursions, with all 71 reported by the Taiwanese military after Pelosi’s visit.

Military analysts say China is using the invasion to probe Taiwan’s defenses, deplete its aging air force, and express frustration at Western support for Taipei, especially the United States.

“They want to show determination and will and coerce the United States. Don’t get too close to the red line and don’t cross it,” AFP.

Strategy ambiguity?

Although the United States diplomatically recognizes China over Taiwan, it remains Taipei’s most important ally.

We are bound by the Congressional Act of Opposing Forced Changes to Taiwan’s Status and Providing Taiwan with Measures of Self-Defense.

Support for Taiwan is a rare issue of bipartisan consensus in Washington, with growing concern over whether China could resort to a military solution, and fears heightened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Washington maintains a policy of “strategic obscurity” with Taiwan, deliberately making no firm promises about whether Taiwan will defend itself. China’s air raids on Taiwan defense zone to double in 2022

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