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Following the king’s visit, Moscow said Beijing He presented his views on approaches to “political solutions” to conflicts.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that he had not seen China’s peace plan and wanted to meet with Beijing about their proposal before evaluating it.

“I think it’s generally a very good fact that China started talking about Ukraine and sent some signals,” Zelensky said.

“After looking at the details of what they have to offer, we draw some conclusions…we would like to meet with China.”

Since Russian tanks crossed the border into Ukraine, China has offered Putin diplomatic and financial assistance, but has refrained from overt military involvement or sending a cache of deadly weapons.

Chinese state-owned companies have sold non-lethal drones and other equipment to both Russia and Ukraine, but Moscow has been forced to turn to Iran for much-needed supplies such as unmanned aerial vehicles.

The US said North Korea also provided rockets and artillery.

Both the U.S. and NATO have expressed concern that China may be planning to supply Russia with weapons to support the war effort, and Washington believes that is changing. there is Beijing denied the allegations. China urges Russia, Ukraine to resume talks, warns against use of nuclear weapons

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