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Hong Kong-China said on Friday that cross-border travel between the mainland, Hong Kong and Macau will fully resume from 6 February, withdrawing existing quotas and requiring mandatory Covid-19 tests before travel. announced that it will be discontinued.

China’s Hong Kong-Macau Secretariat said in a statement on its website that while group tours between China and the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau were resumed, the number of open customs checkpoints was below pre-pandemic levels. He said he would return to level.

Quota systems and Covid-19 testing requirements remained for travelers between the mainland and Hong Kong after China reopened its borders to the world on January 8.

Three of Hong Kong’s border crossings have not yet reopened.

China’s announcement comes a day after Hong Kong launched a promotional campaign that included 500,000 free flights to lure visitors, businesses and investors back to the financial hub after more than three years of severe Covid-19 restrictions. I was.

Hong Kong has been largely locked down behind closed borders for most of the past three years to prevent Covid-19, with up to three weeks of mandatory quarantine and intensive testing and screening for those who arrive. It was done.

The city will strictly follow China’s zero Covid policy until mid-2022, after which it will gradually begin to loosen the rules.

Hong Kong withdrew most of its remaining Covid-19 rules in December, but mask-wearing is still mandatory unless exercising, and students are required to undergo rapid antigen tests daily.Reuters China to fully resume travel to Hong Kong, Macau on Feb 6

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