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BEIJING: China will impose sanctions on the CEOs of Boeing Defense and Raytheon over their involvement in Washington’s recent arms sale to Taiwan, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Friday (September 16).

The sanctions against Boeing Defense, Space and Security CEO Ted Colbert and Raytheon Technologies boss Gregory Hayes were in response to the US State Department on Sept. 2. Authorization to sell military equipment to Taiwan.

These sales include 60 anti-ship missiles and 100 air-to-air missiles, with the main contractors being Boeing Defense and Raytheon, a division of Boeing, respectively.

Colbert and Hayes will be sanctioned “to protect China’s sovereignty and security interests,” foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning said, citing “their involvement in these arms sales.” Stated.

Mao did not elaborate on what the sanctions would be or how they would be implemented.

“The Chinese side once again urges the US government and related organizations to stop selling arms to Taiwan and US-Taiwan military personnel,” he said.

The Pentagon has since announced a package China’s aggressive military exercises around Taiwan next Last month, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited The highest-ranking U.S. civil servant to travel to Taipei in recent years.

china is previously licensed Raytheon, Boeing Defense, and unspecified individuals involved in arms sales to Taiwan.

Friday’s announcement marks the first time Beijing has identified and sanctioned individuals from these companies.

Beijing views Taiwan’s autonomous islands as wayward states that have vowed to subjugate by force if necessary.

Taiwan rejects China’s sovereignty claims, vowing that only its own people can decide their future, and that they will defend themselves if attacked. China plans sanctions against Boeing Defense, Raytheon CEOs over sales in Taiwan

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