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Regarding Taiwan, an autonomous island China claims to be part of its territory and has promised to one day occupy, Mr. Stop making a fuss,” he called.

“External pressures and attempts to contain China are intensifying and worsening, posing a serious threat to China’s sovereignty and security,” Qin said.

“We resolutely oppose all forms of hegemonism and power politics, oppose Cold War thinking and camp rivalry, and oppose any external interference in China’s internal affairs.”

Regarding the Ukraine conflict, Wang Yi said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday that Beijing opposes attacks on nuclear power plants, opposes the use of chemical and biological weapons and would be willing to attack. Collaborate with “All Stakeholders”.

He also clashed with Secretary of State Anthony Brinken over Washington’s policy. Chinese balloon shot down In that airspace-a reaction that Wang described as “hysterical and ridiculous.”

The king will meet in Moscow about the final destination of his European tour, which has visited France, Italy, Hungary and Germany. China ‘deeply concerned’ over Ukraine conflict, vows to ‘promote dialogue’

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