Chef Leek creates an exquisite new menu in Tiffin Room

The abundant taste and aroma of Indian gastronomic spices is on display in the Tiffin Room through an exciting, limited-time collaboration that combines the joys of North India with Indian-inspired cocktails.

A special event from September 2-16, 2021 at the historic Raffles Hotel Singapore created an exquisite new menu specially created by Tiffin Room chef documentary Kurdeep Negi, the Elephant Room. It will be served with a special dish of Jugnes Singapore, the founder of.

Each special course presents a unique appetizing feast to the five senses, with delicious Indian-accented cocktails from the Elephant Room, a culturally-ahead cocktail bar that pays homage to Singapore’s Indian heritage and culture. It is a pair.

Here Kuldeep Negi talks to Inside Recent about a specially curated event.

What is the new dish you cooked?

In this 4-course menu, each special course in Tiffin Room is paired with a delicious Indian accent cocktail in the Elephant Room, which combines North Indian cuisine with Indian-style cocktails.

In this menu, we have created the following new dishes with spices and ingredients that reflect the ingredients used in elephant room cocktails.

To get started, enjoy Zingatir Amrud, an appetizer consisting of sweet and spicy guava chutney and crispy fried shrimp topped with masala peanuts. The next course is a tandoor-baked Paan Galouti Kebab juicy lamb kebab with fried betel leaves and fragrant mango and rose petal chutney.

In the main course, guests are presented in an iconic copper tin box and treated with a wide range of delicious dishes served with a selection of Nan. This includes Acharimag Curry Chicken, a slightly spicy and spicy North Indian chicken curry. Madras fish curry, sea bass curry made with a special spice blend. Dalcha chop masala, lamb chop curry with yellow lentils and spices. Indian basmati rice cooked with pilaf plao and cottage cheese and scented with cumin.

Finally, to conclude your meal, we offer a rich, creamy dessert, Gur Kheer and Gur Mini Cheena Pyas, which combines rice cooked with jaggery and milk dumplings.

What is the focus?

The focus of this special menu was to create dishes that complement homemade cocktails from the Elephant Room for a unique gastronomic experience.

In addition, in the spotlight of this joint menu, which focuses on the abundant taste and aroma of Indian gastronomic spices, the dishes presented on this menu are authentic North Indian cuisine that Tiffin Room has always presented. While being faithful to, it pays homage to these tastes for its rich history.

How do you gel with a drink?
As we created these dishes and planned a collaborative menu with the elephant room team, we considered how each course complemented the characteristic taste of the elephant room.

Taking into account the flavor profile of the dish and its ingredients, each dish presented in each course organizes the course well with a perfectly paired cocktail.

For example, the appetizer Zingatir Amrud is a crispy fried shrimp raised with sweet and spicy guava chutney and masala peanuts, served with the Buffalo Road in the Elephant Room. Spirit and vetiver, a light taste to start a gastronomic journey.

Is it the season?
The limited-time menu is only available from September 2nd to 16th and is enjoyed in the historic Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore.

Which is your favorite?
My favorite combination is Paan Galouti Kebab with a race course plantation in the elephant room.

The spicy, melt-in-the-mouth kebab perfectly complements the familiar sweet and toasty note blend inspired by old Singapore’s lush sugar cane and coconut plantations.

Chef Leek creates an exquisite new menu in Tiffin Room

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