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Speaking at the 37th Singapore Economic Roundtable at the Orchard Hotel on Monday (5 December), Senior State Minister for Finance and Transport Chee Hong Tat said Singapore is open to foreign talent. emphasized its importance.

He also acknowledged concerns over the rapid influx of foreigners into Singapore, but said an “open approach” would be better.

“If we close the door to the world, the world will just go ahead and bypass us and shoot itself because it uses one of the competing hubs. We will no longer have the resources to support The Straits Times quotes him.

He assured the audience at an event organized by the Policy Research Institute that the government would continue to care for the local workforce and invest in their skills and knowledge.

“The more we can ensure and equip our employees with the skills and confidence to face the competition, the more ready we will be to welcome a complementary foreign workforce and integrate new immigrants into our society.” he added.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Chee explained that he spoke about how sustainable growth in Singapore can be achieved, summed up with three ‘I’s.

“Our growth must be international, driven by innovation and inclusive enough to benefit a wide range of Singaporeans,” he wrote.

“Singapore’s economy must remain ‘international’ by remaining open and connected to the world in order to strengthen its position as a global business hub.

An important part of this is welcoming international talent to complement the local workforce and continuing to invest in upskilling and lifelong learning to provide worker protection and security.” added Chee.

He also said that sustainable growth can not only continuously create good jobs and opportunities for Singaporeans, but also create enough resources to improve the lives of all. said he would do it.

This will also “provide our future generations with hope and optimism for a better tomorrow,” he added.

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