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There are also plans to invest in the Group’s food services, Kopitiam and FoodFare, to ensure these brands evolve with the times.

Kopitiam-owned café Heavenly Wang has already started doing this at its Changi Airport Terminal 2 store using serving robots and self-ordering kiosks.

These are all steps towards making FairPrice Group “Asia’s Most Admired Retailer”, which Vipul added is the supermarket brand’s long-term goal.

He said the first few months were spent working five to six hour shifts in different roles in the supermarket to get him used to supermarket duties. Warehouse assistant, store staff in charge of inventory replenishment.

“Looking at the quality of our products and services (compared to other retailers in Asia), I think we can maintain our position. I want to be a presence that

About FairPrice Group

FairPrice Group is a social enterprise under the NTUC Enterprise Co-operative which also includes other organizations such as NTUC First Campus, Income and NTUC LearningHub.

FairPrice Group was founded in 2019 and consists of four entities:

1. FairPrice, a supermarket chain. There are over 370 stores of various formats across the island. Here are some of them:

  • FairPrice Xtra hypermarkets offer a wide variety of goods and services, from groceries to apparel to electronics.
  • FairPrice Finest sells everyday groceries and also has a more upscale selection of organic products and deli food.
  • Now located in Balmoral Plaza, Bukit Timah, Finest Gourmet offers premium produce and specialty products such as premium meat cuts and exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • FreshMart is a concept store in Ang Mo Kio that sells mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as frozen foods.
  • With over 100 stores across the island, FairPrice sells household items

2. Founded in 1995, NTUC FoodFare has catering and food manufacturing departments. It also operates over 80 food courts and coffee shops.

3. Kopitiam, acquired by NTUC Enterprise in 2018, has over 100 stores across the island.

4. NTUC Link, a benefit program established in 1998. Members can earn and redeem points when shopping at select stores. Challenge FairPrice to keep prices low amid inflation despite offering discounts: CEO

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