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SINGAPORE — A woman thanked security personnel at Changi Airport for their concern and assistance. MS Yasmine Khater thanked Ms Li Fang Wee “from the Certis team at Changi Terminal 4 for such a great experience” in a January 6 LinkedIn post that attracted a lot of online attention .

Ms. Cater went to the security check with a bag of toiletries, but unfortunately she forgot to check in. Security staff confirmed that the size of the bottle in her bag was 100ml. I informed her that it is over and should be thrown away. over there.

Travelers protested that the bottles were almost empty. But “I forgot it wasn’t the amount in the bottle. It’s the size of the bottle. Duh. Human error or side effects of the pandemic,” she wrote.

Khater added that it’s okay to ditch the sunscreen and soap, but she had special hair care products she needed. She said, “The wrong shampoo and conditioner makes my hair dry. But I also look like an untamed beast.”

She asked, “At least I want you to have a conditioner,” but it would be impossible because “regulations are regulations.”

But the staff got her way and Ms. Lee told her, “Mommy, you can go to the pharmacy and buy a travel bottle. You’ve got plenty of time.”

Khater writes: I didn’t realize filling up a little shampoo and conditioner wasn’t as easy as it looks. ”

Li ran over to help, “grabbed a spoon and started filling the conditioner”, transferring the shampoo into a small bottle herself. The moment became a humorous one for both of them.

“We laughed at this situation together. If the airport was more crowded, I would suffer alone,” she cites one of her favorite quotes from US author Dr. Maya Angelou. Adding Mr. Kater wrote:

“I learned that people forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people never forget how you made them feel. ”

Some LinkedIn users commenting on her post wrote that they had the same experience in Changi.

Changi Airport Group also thanks her for sharing her story.


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