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SINGAPORE: Singaporeans roll their eyes at the viral story of a local driver who reported a suspected hit-and-run to the police when his car was damaged.

TikTok user @eunicecatx, a friend of the driver, shared the story online, saying the driver filed a police report with photos of his damaged car and what he believed was a hit-and-run. I said I sent her a text message. carry out the case.


He called the police on Christmas🤣 #fyp #funny videos #hitandrun #humor

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Younis posted a photo of the police report, and her friend later said police told him they could identify the culprit by looking at dashboard camera footage from the car. I realized that I unknowingly damaged my car while driving in a parking lot.

Eunice’s videos have already been viewed more than 2 million times. When a follower asked her why the driver didn’t try to check the dashboard camera footage before wasting police time, she said: His car was not in front.

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– Advertising ​​- Car owner discovers he was a ‘hit-and-run’ driver who damaged his car after reporting incident to police

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