Camfil Focus UCV Systems for Operating Theatres

Camfil Focus ultraclean ventilation (UCV) systems cater to a range of operating theatre requirements — from day surgeries and surgical rooms with less-demanding airflow requirements through to orthopaedic and neuro-operating theatres where deep wound surgery is carried out and there is a high risk of hospital-acquired infection via airborne routes.

Due to extensive design research, computational fluid dynamics modelling and refinement over 20 years of installations in Australian hospitals, Focus unidirectional and UCV systems are designed to provide superior air quality at the operating theatre table level compared with the conventional arrangement of individual terminal ceiling-mounted HEPA filters.

Focus systems comply with the local Australian Council on Health Care Standards (ACHS) guidelines for air flow and velocity at the operating table level and international standards nominated in UK HTM-03 and European standard ISO/DIN 1946–4 (2008–12).

Each Camfil Focus is custom designed to suit the specific requirements of each client, with available options including gel or gasket seal HEPA filtration, integrated return air and perimeter lighting, and low-profile, hybrid or bulkhead-style configurations.

With branches in every major city and in-house engineering, technical sales and service teams, Camfil can provide support and services through the entire process from system design to installation as well as after-sales service, NATA-accredited testing and maintenance.

For more information:–louvers/terminal-housing/focus.

Camfil Focus UCV Systems for Operating Theatres Source link Camfil Focus UCV Systems for Operating Theatres

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