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Ebony Nunez and Denise Nunez, lesbian mothers who run family-friendly TikTok accounts featuring their three children, said they hoped the proposed TikTok ban would not pass. rice field. “You will take our family away,” said Ebony. They added that they left their previous careers to focus solely on creating content for the app.

Other creators also endorsed TikTok, including several teachers who spoke out about the platform’s importance in education, and Tiffany Yu, who highlighted how TikTok has greatly expanded her reach as an advocate for people with disabilities. .

Elsewhere on the rooftop, 25-year-old creator Naomi Hartz, known for her comedy and fashion content, was filming another video. “I had to fulfill an Elle Woods fantasy,” she said, referring to the heroine of “Legally Blonde 2,” who moved to Washington to pursue a ban on cosmetic animal testing. rice field.

From there, group members took an Uber to the Capitol. While the building is regularly filled with people walking around with cellphones glued to their hands, many of the TikToker groups are laughing and filming as they stroll the corridors, offering a distinctly different energy. I got

Hertz and several others met with staff from the office of Rep. Judy Chu in California. “We discussed how TikTok could positively impact the community and the United States,” Hertz said after the meeting. It didn’t give us much insight,” she added.

The group participated in two more conferences. The first was with Rep. Linda Sanchez of California, and the second was with Senator Diane Feinstein’s office staff. Hertz then half-jokingly asked a TikTok rep if her hotel had a spa.

When one of the TikTok creators attending a hearing scheduled for Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked if she would attend, one creator replied, “What hearing?” rice field. It was really hard for her to tell if she was joking or not.Only a few creators in the group attended the event in person. ByteDance flies over 30 TikTok stars to Washington in first class to lobby for platform

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