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OTTAWA – Two children were killed and six injured when a bus rammed a nursery school in the Montreal suburb of Laval on Wednesday morning, police said.

The bus driver, a 51-year-old employee of public transportation in the city of Laval, was arrested for murder and reckless driving, according to police spokesperson Erica Landry.

The cause and circumstances of the crash and the ages of the children were not immediately clear.

“We are talking about serious injuries, some fatal,” an ambulance official previously told reporters at Raval.

About 80 children under the age of five are attending nursery schools, according to local media.

A parent who witnessed the crash said it may have been intentional.

“I helped subdue the driver who got off the bus,” one crying father told Radio Canada.

His wife said she saw the men “half-dressed” and both “deliberately crashed into the nursery”.

Several children were trapped under the vehicle after it crashed into a building around 8:30 a.m., authorities said.

“Eight people are seriously injured at the moment,” paramedic Marianne Lessard told AFP.

Images from the scene showed the bus crashing into the side of a building, not near a road or parking lot.

Part of the roof was seen to have collapsed on the upper front of the vehicle. Bus crashes into day care center near Montreal, killing two children

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