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Burger King is in trouble over its misrepresentation of its whopper burger which appears larger than it is in reality.

A lawsuit was brought against the fast food company for misleading customers by showing the burger with a meatier patty and ingredients that overflow with the bun.

Burger King told the BBC that the claims were false. Ironically its rivals, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are also facing a similar lawsuit.

Burger King also argues that there was no law to say that it had to put forward burgers that look exactly like the picture. US District Judge Roy Altman said it should be left to jurors to tell people what to think.

Burger King – the flame-grilled beef

“The flame-grilled beef patties portrayed in our advertising are the same patties used in millions of Whopper sandwiches we serve the guests nationwide,” said a Burger King spokesperson.

Taco Bell was also sued some months ago for selling pizzas and wraps that contained half the filling advertised.

Last year a New Yorker tried to file a class action lawsuit against McDonald’s and Wendy’s alleging that both the chains’ burgers were at least 15% larger than they were in real life.

Meanwhile, Burger King in India has removed tomatoes from its burgers after a sharp increase in its prices. The chain said it made the decision because of the unpredictable conditions on the quality and supply of tomato crops.

The chain is the second in the country after McDonald’s to drop the ingredient from its menu.

US sandwich chain Subway also removed tomatoes from its menu in India. India’s food inflation is at its highest since January 2020. It even canceled its free cheese slices which have been available for years.

Tomatoes hit a peak of 250 rupees or $3 a kilo last month but has since come down a little bit. India however has begun importing tomatoes from Nepal to cope with the crisis. Last week Burger King issued a statement to say that tomatoes will soon be back on the menu.

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