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BUENOS AIRES – Thousands of young Argentinian BTS fans burst into tears as they said goodbye to K-pop superstar Jin on Friday.

“We didn’t have time to do anything. He arrived, he sang, we cried and we didn’t even realize he was leaving. Eliana Suarez, 25, a law student, told AFP at the end of a concert at Buenos Aires’ Monumental Stadium.

“It’s magic that he came to Argentina and chose Argentina to sing the single,” she added.

Jin, 29, performed his song co-written with singer Chris Martin on Friday as part of Coldplay’s ‘Music of the Spheres’ tour, one of 10 concerts in Buenos Aires.

“It was the best thing I’ve ever seen, the most spectacular, the best show. I grew up on Coldplay…and now it’s BTS!” exclaimed 21-year-old Ms. .

of Announcement of Jin’s participation in Coldplay’s concert caused a frenzy in Buenos Aires.

Hundreds of women, often dressed in purple dresses of BTS fans, camped out in front of the stadium for days to secure seats.

“Many people are left without tickets, and reselling and fraud are common. Noelia Zarate, 23, who makes T-shirts embroidered with K-pop designs, told AFP before entering the stadium. told the interview.

The 600,000-capacity stadium was packed to capacity, and hundreds of fans who were unable to get tickets hung outside.

On Twitter, the hashtags #TheAstronaut and #ThanksArgentina, Jin’s saying goodbye to his audience, were the two main trends on Friday.

Two weeks ago, the agency representing BTS said Seven members of the band enlisted in the military, Put an end to the debate about whether the mandatory service requirement of about two years should be waived.

Jin, the eldest son of the Septet, said he would sign up in December.

The group, which has claimed billions of dollars in profits for the South Korean economy, hopes to reopen by 2025. – AFP BTS’s Jin bids farewell to Buenos Aires’ ‘magic night’, latest music news

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