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LONDON – UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace met with the US Defense Minister in Washington this week to discuss shared security concerns. situation in Ukraine, A senior defense source said in response to speculation about the sudden trip.

After Ukrainian forces advanced to retake land in the eastern part of the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the partial mobilization of Russia and also issued a nuclear threat.

Wallace hastily canceled a committee hearing in Congress scheduled to travel to Washington on Tuesday, raising questions about what was behind the apparently urgent visit.

“There is a lot of speculation as to why the Secretary of Defense went to Washington,” the source said.

“In light of our battlefield successes against the Russian military and Putin’s recent actions, and as the Ukraine winter approaches, it is our common sense to face US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and others in the US government. It was important to discuss security concerns.”

Ukrainian cities are increasingly being targeted by missiles and drone attacks. Foreign Secretary James Cleverley told Sky News that “there is an urgency and a response as civilians are being targeted in new ways.”

“Our response must be paced,” he said Wednesday.

But on Tuesday, Undersecretary of Defense James Heapy told Sky News that Wallace had “an incredible conversation” in Washington.

Asked if Wallace went to Washington to discuss the risk of Russia using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Liz Truss said there would be “serious consequences” if Russia used nuclear weapons. He repeated in deafness, but added: I’m assuming this is the problem. ”

“I think it would be a mistake to be drawn into speculation about this, instead of focusing on what we see every day, which is a senseless and barbaric attack on civilians across Ukraine,” he said. told reporters.Reuters Britain’s Wallace discussed Ukrainian security concerns in surprise US visit, sources say

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