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BLACKPINK member Jennie made her Hollywood debut earlier this month with the HBO drama “The Idol”. Her fans around the world eagerly awaited her return to the screen through another project when speculation began to circulate that the K-pop idol was getting offers to star in upcoming Marvel projects. rice field. Her agency YG Entertainment responded to the rumors.

The station denied all speculation about Jenny’s appearance in the Marvel project. According to the entertainment company, Jenny will not be appearing in any Marvel films. The company released an official statement on Monday.

“It is not true that Jenny received an offer to appear in a Marvel production,” the agency said.

Speculation began to circulate after foreign media reported that BLACKPINK member Jennie received an offer to appear in an upcoming Marvel project. Reportedly, Jenny could play a member of Marvel’s Asian superhero group, Team Agents of Atlas. Furthermore, she said that this K-pop idol will play the role of Sol-hee in the movie. The character Luna Snow first appeared in the video her game Marvel Super War three years ago. In the game released in 2020, f(x)’s Luna provided the voice of the character.

BLACKPINK member Jenny

Health updates

Jenny is currently busy with the group’s ongoing concert tour entitled BORN PINK.of K-pop The idol left the stage abruptly on Sunday night while performing with the rest of the group in Melbourne. Afterwards, YG Entertainment released an official statement sharing the reason why the artist left the stage shared it Jenny I had to leave the musical show due to health problems.

Below is the official statement from YG Entertainment. BLACKPINK member Jennie received an offer to appear in a Marvel project? YG Entertainment reacts

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