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WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden said he was ‘deeply saddened’ and pledged his country’s support the day after Monday. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake hits Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people.

“I am deeply saddened by the many lives lost and devastation caused by the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria. ,” the president tweeted from his official account.

“Our team is rapidly deploying to support Turkey’s search and rescue efforts and address the needs of those injured and displaced by the earthquake,” he added in a statement later issued by the White House. I got

Biden called on U.S. officials to contact officials in Turkey to coordinate aid, and said U.S.-backed humanitarian groups were responding to the destruction in Syria, according to a statement.

National security spokesman John Kirby said the United States had dispatched two search and rescue teams of 79 people each, while the Pentagon and USAID were coordinating with their Turkish counterparts.

“Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to all those who lost loved ones today, those who were injured, and those who saw their homes and businesses destroyed,” Biden said in a statement. Yes, AFP Biden is ‘deeply saddened’ by earthquakes in Turkey, Syria.pledges US aid

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