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When it comes to recent NBA seasons, it was the 2020/21 one that was the most interesting in terms of the final results. The fact that «Atlanta Hawks» and «Phoenix Suns» played in their conference finals caused a range of emotions among basketball fans. 1xBet Singapore offers its customers a rich offer for all regular championship and playoff matches. In addition to the above-mentioned fact of the appearance in the decisive stages of teams that have not shown results for a long time, it is worth highlighting the Milwaukee Bucks. Giannis Antetokounmpo has finally received his ring and the millions of Greek fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, few believe that this team will be able to repeat its success in the soon-to-be-started regular season. After all, the question of whether the star forward will stay in Milwaukee remains open. Naturally, he is loved in this city, but like any great athlete, he is looking for new challenges for himself. In addition, the Bucks’ main rivals are also actively preparing to compete and therefore it is likely that basketball fans will see a new club in the context of the championship in the spring of 2022.

It is worth reminding that 1xBet in Singapore is available to bettors both as desktop version and as mobile app. The company pays special attention to the basketball offer, so there should be no problems while betting.


1xBet login opens new possibilities for forecasters

Going back to the topic of teams’ prospects for the new NBA season, many surprises should be obviously expected. 1xBet login will give the opportunity to make predictions during more than 7 months.

When it comes to the teams that can surprise during this regular season, American analysts and experts highlight:

  1. The «Golden State Warriors». Many fans have already forgotten how this club dominated the league a few years ago. The departures of Cousins, Durant and the injury to Thompson derailed the club’s ambitions in the past two seasons. However, a star trio of Curry, Green and Klay could bring the «Golden State» back to their former glory.
  2. The «Washington Wizards». Perhaps this team didn’t show its full potential last season. The duo of Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook could make some noise in the new championship and the club should contend for a conference semifinal.
  3. The «New York Knicks». Perhaps it was the residents of the Big Apple who were most looking forward to the success of their idols. After all, during the last season the club showed a good fourth place in the conference and before that, it was at the bottom every year. The younger generation is quite capable of showing their ambition.

Obviously, the new season in the NBA is expected to be interesting and login 1xBet will not only allow to watch the teams’ matches but also to make money on them if having the right approach.


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