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If you’re checking a list of must-see places in the world, we don’t doubt Singapore has made it near the top of it. This beautiful coastal city-state is one of the most popular travel destinations globally. It entices tourists to check out its sights with its beautiful beaches, eclectic mix of cultures, and gorgeous structures that reflect various architectural styles.

For those with an eye for design, that last one is a standout. From traditional buildings inspired by the colonial period to massive skyscrapers that feel like they go on forever, here are the top architectural sights in the area.

Marina Bay Sands

Consisting of three hotel towers linked together through a shared lobby, this resort is a rare gem of modern architecture. While there’s nothing inherently special about three sleek buildings this close in proximity, the additions to the structure give it a unique look you won’t find anywhere else.

First, the towers are bridged by a striking Sky Park at the top. They also host an art science museum, a convention centre, two theatres, and the largest atrium casino! While it can be pricy, if you’re in the mood for some fun, visiting the resort’s casino is an experience you won’t soon forget.

If this exclusive resort isn’t in your budget, you can always find alternative ways to make your Singapore travel experience a fun time. The Marina Bay Sands Casino undoubtedly offers an unforgettable atmosphere, but you can play for real money without the long travel to Singapore by visiting

These fun websites host everything from Blackjack and Roulette to slots and Bingos. What’s better, they’re available via mobile! When you find time to take a break from exploring, launch one of the exciting titles at your fingertips and give them a go.

Helix Bridge

Here’s one for fans of futuristic design. The Helix Bridge marries the magic of sci-fi with a sight bound to leave you breathless. Spanning 280 meters, this modern marvel has four viewing platforms that overlook the city skyline. This allows travellers to step back and enjoy the twinkling city lights in the distance.

If this one-in-a-million view isn’t enough for you, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by the strategically fitted lights on the bridge itself! These shining beacons accentuate the structure’s helix shape, making it a sight to behold from the inside, as well as the outside.


Esplanade, also known as the theatre on the bay, is one of the many performing arts centres in Singapore. The city might have tons of unique buildings throughout, but this one is a special case! What gives this theatre and concert hall combo its must-see status is their Durian-like look.

The two buildings consist of space frames with triangular aluminium sunshades. These are fitted in a way that makes the structures resemble the Durian, a tropical fruit native to the city-state! If you aren’t catching some of the events regularly hosted there, we suggest strolling by at night.


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