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SYDNEY – Thousands of Australians died on Monday despite an evacuation alert remaining in the southeastern hinterland and officials warning flooding could return with more rain to come. returned to their homes and businesses to assess flood damage.

Despite very little rain over the weekend, major flood warnings have been issued for many areas, with many rivers rising and floods expected to reach peak levels this week.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said at a news conference with Forbes, one of the most affected towns in New South Wales, “We are living in very dangerous times in the next few days and weeks.

“With more rain expected later this week, the situation continues to be very dangerous.”

The Japan Meteorological Agency is forecasting another stormy weather system that could bring up to 50 mm of rain in flood-affected areas.

Much of Victoria, southern New South Wales and northern parts of Tasmania’s island states were hit by a severe weather system last week, with more than a month of rain in some areas.

Treasury Secretary Jim Chalmers said recent floods have flooded “some of Australia’s most productive[regions]”, sending food prices skyrocketing and further distressing families battling surging inflation. I warned you.

Residents of the flooded Malibenon suburb in west Melbourne piled up damaged furniture and waterlogged floor carpets outside their homes, according to social media footage.

Some residents of Mariveenon have blamed the flooding for exacerbating the flooding, according to local media reports, according to local media reports.

Megan Keating, motel owner in Rochester, one of the worst-hit towns about 200 kilometers northwest of Melbourne, is preparing to start cleaning up.

“We’re looking forward to stopping being empty and welcoming people back,” she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “The biggest challenge is where to start. Reuters Australians rate flood damage amid more rain warnings

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