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BEIJING – Australia’s trade minister is due to arrive in Beijing on Thursday to meet with China’s trade minister as Canberra seeks to remove all trade barriers and stabilize diplomatic relations.

Trade Minister Don Farrell met with China’s Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao in Beijing and said, “In the interest of both countries, and in the interest of Australian exporters and Australian exporters, we will seek to increase the number of Australian exports to China in all areas. We strongly insist that exports can be fully resumed without hindrance.” producers”.

He told reporters at Beijing’s capital airport that both sides had good intentions but needed more work.

“Nothing achieves peace in the region more than strong trade ties between Australia and China,” he said.

China is Australia’s largest trading partner, with A$287 billion (S$257 billion) worth of two-way trade in commodities in 2022, dominated by iron ore exports that China cannot easily replace. ing. However, Australia’s trade minister has not visited China since 2019.

China’s commerce ministry said Farrell would stay until Saturday and hoped the visit would further consolidate the “important agreement” reached between the two leaders at the G20 meeting in Bali last November. He added that he does.

“China is willing to exchange views to develop and advance bilateral economic and trade ties,” ministry spokesman Xu Juting said at a press conference.

The two ministers will also chair the Joint Ministerial Economic Committee. The conference was first held in 1986 but has been suspended since 2017 when diplomatic disputes began to sour relations.

Australian wine, beef, barley, coal, seafood and timber In 2020, exports to China will be hit by trade restrictions, and Australian Journalist Chen Lai detained in Beijing The Chinese government was incensed after Australia called for an international inquiry into the origins of the new coronavirus, and the indictment on national security-related charges.

Canberra used to Shut out Chinese telecom giant Huawei It was cut off from the 5G network citing national security concerns.

Diplomatic tensions have eased since Australia elected a Labor government in May 2022. Australia will be closer to its security alliance partner Australia. America.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said in an interview with British television last week that the government was “not making inflammatory rhetoric” about the Chinese government.

Australia last month China suspends complaints against barley tariffs The announcement at the World Trade Organization (WTO) gave China time to review the 80.5% tariffs imposed in 2020, as the WTO committee was due to report its findings. Australian trade minister seeks lifting of trade restrictions in Beijing visit

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