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SYDNEY – Australia will set aside A$46 million (SGD41 million) in next week’s budget to fund a police deployment in the Solomon Islands. This is part of an increase in spending in the Pacific aimed at strengthening its position in the region as China seeks greater influence.

China’s growing presence in the Pacific, Including the conclusion of a security agreement with the Solomon Islands In April, he expressed concern about the United States and its ally Australia.

“Our support will help our regional partners become more economically resilient…and provide their own security so they need less to rely on other countries,” said Penny. Foreign Minister Wong said on Friday.

“Without these investments, other people will continue to fill the void,” Wong said, accusing the previous Conservative coalition, which lost the May election, of losing its place in the Pacific. “We have a lot of work to do.”

In a speech at the Pacific Way Conference at the University of French Polynesia, Wong said the additional aid would “continue to provide direct budgetary support to ease financial hardships and ensure critical government services. is guaranteed,” he said.

move next day Australia and Fiji sign agreement allow armed forces to operate in each other’s countries Security Treaty with Papua New Guinea You’ll see the respective defense personnel working together more often this past week.

During the election campaign, Australia’s Labor government pledged A$525 million in increased public aid to the Pacific region over four years. On Friday, that figure increased to A$900 million. This includes his A$46 million for the Solomon Islands Police.

The budget also aims to create new Pacific engagement visas for up to 3,000 Pacific Island and Timorese nationals to permanently migrate to Australia each year, Mr Wong said.Reuters Australia pledges millions of dollars for police deployment in Solomon Islands

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